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Police said the scam was likely done from outside the United States.

Trea Turner imposter scams Towamencin senior citizen out of $50,000, police say

Towamencin Police Photo by James Short.

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A 70-year-old Towamencin Township woman battling Parkinson’s disease was duped out of $50,000 by an imposter she thought was Phillies shortstop Trea Turner over Facebook, according to Fox29, which broke the story Thursday.

It started when the woman, who remained anonymous by name and was interviewed on camera, defended Turner from Internet trolls on social media criticizing this ball playing, per the report.

Then, according to Fox29, the imposter, claiming to be Turner told the victim to download Google Chat to continue the conversation.

She told Fox29 she was skeptical, especially when the imposter told her via chat that he got a “standing o” for his many hits due to her encouragement and told her he loved her.

“What? I’m 70-years-old,” she told Fox29. “I have varicose veins older than this guy.”

But, the messages persisted and included photos of Turner and his family. After being so relentless, per the report, the victim gave him to the harping after three weeks.

“So finally I said, ‘Alright, what do you want?”” she said in the report.

Once “Trea Turner” told her he was having marital troubles and needed help with numerous real estate issues to “keep it quiet.”

The victim’s gullibility took over and she followed directions from the imposter to send money using different accounts, per the article.

After she sent the $50,000, then she realized it was a scam and informed Towamencin Township Police.

Towamencin Police are investigating with federal authorities, per the article. Police said there are no local suspects, and believe it was a scam completed from outside the United States.

“Feel free to use social media, but be aware of anyone contacting you, especially the minute they ask for money or a gift," said Towamencin Police Lt. Geoffrey Wainwright.


Tony Di Domizio

Tony Di Domizio is the Managing Editor of NorthPennNow and PerkValleyNow, and a staff writer for WissNow. Tony graduated from Kutztown University and went on to serve as a reporter and editor for various news organizations, including Patch, The Reporter, and The Morning Call. He loves creative writing, action figure collecting & reselling, music, and films with Michael Keaton & Al Pacino.

Monday, June 24, 2024


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