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REAL ID uptake only 21%; PennDOT halves answering time on calls

PennDOT is noticing more Real IDs issued in the commonwealth — but expects only a quarter of residents to have …

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Pa. dairy farmers could see financial boost from Shapiro’s proposed subsidy program

The governor’s $48.3 billion budget proposal includes $5.6 million to incentivize participation in a federal dairy risk management program.

Proposed Pa. House rule change on incapacitated lawmakers moves out of committee over GOP protest

A rule change that would create a new process for removing Pennsylvania House lawmakers who become incapacitated passed a committee …

School panic alarms may come to Pennsylvania

Silent panic alarms may become the next line of defense for schools in Pennsylvania.

Scrolling while driving will soon be a reason for police to stop distracted motorists in Pa.

Gov. Josh Shapiro intends to sign the ban on using handheld wireless devices behind the wheel, a spokesperson said.

Opioid trust approves most county projects, $41 million unspent

The public is getting a glimpse of what the Pennsylvania Opioid Trust does behind closed doors as it approved 55% …

Pennsylvania state House advances bill to give counties more time to count mail ballots

A bill that would give counties seven additional days to process mail ballots has made it out of the Pennsylvania …

Pa. has investigated more than a dozen UFO incidents in the past decade, records show

Mysterious lights following a motorist on a dark country road and a flaming orb falling into the woods are among …

Senate Education Committee approves “Grow PA” package of bills to boost college affordability, open quality career pathways

The plan includes seven bills designed to help make PA more competitive in attracting and retaining students to attend college …

No more credit checks for job applicants? Maybe

Pennsylvania may soon join the list of states banning employers from pulling job applicants' credit scores during the hiring process.

PA Game Commission head resigns after 'business relationships' revealed

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has a new leader after its top official resigned due to moonlighting as a wellness coach …

Remote stalking ban clears legislative hurdle

An anti-stalking measure targeting remote monitoring cleared an important legislative hurdle Tuesday.

Montgomery County school officials and students urge legislature to pass education funding proposal

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s education funding proposal would provide cash infusions to underfunded school districts.

Pennsylvania follows Canada’s lead on weed

Pennsylvania’s tepid approach to marijuana is giving it the breathing room to learn the lessons of other states as well …

Vague laws make squatter eviction harder in Pennsylvania

However contradictory the term “squatter’s rights” may sound, it is a growing concern that’s prompted lawmakers to seek additional protections …

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


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