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The following is a Letter to the Editor from former North Penn school board candidate Ismaine Ayouaz, in response to Lansdale Mayor Garry Herbert’s recent column on Pride Month.

Letter: Skepticism surrounding Pride Month

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(Editor’s note: the following is a Letter to the Editor from former North Penn school board candidate Ismaine Ayouaz, in response to Lansdale Mayor Garry Herbert’s recent column on Pride Month. The views expressed within are his own.)

The Skepticism Surrounding Pride Month: A Reflection on American Values and Constitutional Rights

Mayor Garry Herbert recently asserted that "Celebrating Pride Month also has a broader societal impact: It fosters empathy and understanding among those who may not share the same experiences." This statement, however, is met with considerable skepticism and opposition. Many Americans, representing a significant portion of the populace, strongly contest this view, expressing fatigue over the relentless push to adopt ideologies they find incompatible with their moral principles.

In 2024, while the LGB community enjoys significant legal and social protections—such as nationwide legal same-sex marriage and prohibitions against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation—the narrative that this community continues to face relentless struggles seems increasingly outdated. Societal acceptance is at an all-time high, and what we are now witnessing is a shift in focus from addressing genuine injustices to advocating for the normalization of identities and ideas that are not rooted in morality, biology, ontology and historical precedence.

While the LGB community has advanced significantly towards acceptance, the TQ+ group still represents a tiny minority facing distinct challenges. Many Americans believe that these challenges demand specific forms of support. The issues specific to the TQ+ community are different from those affecting the LGB community, necessitating approaches that respect the wider population's rights and beliefs.

The TQ+ segment of the community is pushing for radical changes that conflict with established societal norms. For instance, the advocacy for recognizing numerous gender identities and the push for gender-neutral spaces and language directly challenges traditional concepts of biology and gender. These demands have sparked confusion and conflict, particularly in educational settings where children are taught concepts that often contradict their parents' values and scientific understanding. Additionally, these changes have led to concerns about women and girls not being respected in their privacy and feeling uncomfortable in gender-neutral spaces.

Moreover, the normalization of such ideas often undermines the importance of objective truths in our society. Biological sex, a reality grounded in science, is dismissed by the insistence on treating gender as entirely fluid, which disregards objective truth. Policies that allow biological males to compete in women’s sports, for example, undermine the fairness and integrity of these competitions, disadvantaging female athletes.

From a moral standpoint, the promotion of certain lifestyles and behaviors during Pride Month is problematic. Public displays often include explicit content inappropriate for children and public spaces, challenging traditional moral values and exposing young minds to complex issues they are not equipped to grasp.

Additionally, the aggressive push for the acceptance of all aspects of the TQ+ agenda infringes upon religious freedoms and the rights of individuals to live according to their beliefs. Forcing individuals, businesses and religious institutions to act against their convictions in the name of "equality" violates their First Amendment rights. True freedom in America means respecting the rights of all individuals, including those who hold traditional and religious values. No other rights should clash with those protected by the Constitution. Rights enshrined in the Constitution should never be infringed upon to accommodate additional rights demanded by minorities.

Furthermore, the representation and symbolism of the pride flag and Pride Month have become contentious issues. Many see them not as tools for fostering empathy and understanding, but as impositions on those who disagree with the values they promote. These symbols and the demands often associated with them exacerbate divisions rather than foster unity, alienating a diverse range of people—from legal immigrants like me to those with strong religious beliefs who were born in this country.

The constant focus on identity politics during Pride Month has led to increased division within our society. Encouraging people to view themselves primarily through the lens of their sexual orientation or gender identity detracts from a shared national identity. This divisiveness undermines the unity and cohesion necessary for a strong, resilient nation.

In summary, the demands for normalization by the TQ+ community and their allies are incompatible with traditional American values, customs, traditions, and the Supreme law of the land. Balancing respect for individual rights with the preservation of the cultural and moral framework that underpins American society is paramount.

Only by doing so can we ensure that our nation remains united and grounded in the principles that have long guided its success.


Ismaine Ayouaz
Upper Gwynedd, PA

Monday, June 24, 2024


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